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Black currant plant thriving in biochar

Check out the amazing root growth of this black currant plant growing in Biochar compost with roots holding on tied to the charcoal pieces. Let us explain the secret how this young plant could grow this bundle of vigorous roots outside and below the actual pot Every...

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Terra Preta demonstrations at Deloraine Craft Fair 2018

2018 was the first year Terra Preta have attended the Deloraine Craft Fair, held from 2nd to the 5th of November 2018. Frank conducted demonstrations at the Showground Ring Garden Section over the 4 days, despite the bad weather. As feedstock Frank carted...

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Coffee & Biochar White Paper Now Available

BIOCHAR BENEFITS FOR MORE SUSTAINABLE COFFEE Biochar, at its most basic, is carbonized organic material. It can be produced using a wide variety of low- to high-tech thermochemical conversion technologies, and from a wide variety of feedstocks. Although most often...

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The IPCC starts to acknowledge biochar

From the Biochar Journal: The prospects of climate change are so increasingly dire that there are times when it may seem inappropriate to celebrate a promising scientific advance or any other good news. Good news, however, is exactly what humanity needs at moments...

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Biochar Study Tour: Update 2

Adam O'Toole in Kaindorf Austria: Carbo Fertil Project: Biochar's Potential to Help Meet Norway's GHG Reduction Goals One more of a series of great value presentations during the IBI2018 Excursion to Kaindorf, Austria in June. This was the presentation...

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Biochar Study Tour: Update 1

As part of the International Biochar Initiative’s IBI2018  excursion, we visited the Ökoregion Kaindorf in Austria with a great group of people from 15 countries.There is a unique opportunity to create a formal partnership and information exchange with the...

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Eliminating antibiotic use in farming by using biochar

Kathleen Draper says: "I was recently in Austria, where I toured a large poultry farm that uses biochar in their feeds. The animals love it, the producers are able to eliminate antibiotic use, and the odour of the litter has been significantly decreased."...

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AGFEST 2018: Interview with Frank

Check out the live stream from Agfest Frank, talking about the history of charcoal in nature, and how charcoal can be used as a sponge, a carrier mop, food additive and tool for many different applications. Frank explains the origin of the term biochar,...

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