AGFEST 2018: Interview with Frank

Check out the live stream from Agfest Frank, talking about the history of charcoal in nature, and how charcoal can be used as a sponge, a carrier mop, food additive and tool for many different applications.

Frank explains the origin of the term biochar, explaining that Bios in Greek means Life.

“If you foster life – above or below the ground or in the ocean – then you call it biochar.”

Frank demonstrated the Kon Tiki Deep cone kiln and explained how it mimics traditional principles of making biochar that have been used in different cultures over the centuries.  In the Amazon they didn’t have metal vessels, they had holes in the ground, like craters.  They dug out a hole – like a fire pit, then they burned strategically organic materials.

He explained how making biochar is a flame curtain process – and how biochar burns clean and produces no smoke emissions, and is an environmentally responsible way of burning waste and storing carbon.

Watch the video below to find out more!