Biochar demonstration at Reseed Centre in Penguin using the KON-TIKI-TAS COMPACT Kiln

It was a hands on Biochar Workshop at the Reseed Centre in Penguin with a brand new KON-TIKI-TAS COMPACT Deep Cone Kiln, using piles of fruittree prunings. We finished the day with a BBQ on the swinging Grill Plate.

  • Lots of interested people turned up at the Workshop where the brand new KON-TIKI-TAS COMPACT Kiln was used for the first time.
  • The KON-TIKI-TAS COMPACT Kiln is currently our smallest, but most versatile model. 
  • The stainless-steel Heat&Wind Shield is getting attached for safety and optimum gas combustion = minimal smoke emissions. 
  • The fire is getting started with some sticks on the “removable burnfloor” which is placed half way up the kiln.
  • More and more prunings are getting added onto the top to get the “perfect” burn.
  • after carbonizing the Biochar is flood quenched from the bottom up and a removable BBQ & Grill swing over stainless-steel Plate is getting attached to finish the day with a yummy BBQ.

Loading the Sticks

Lighting the fire

Getting the perfect burn

The biochar workshop was informative and inspiring, with Frank Strie sharing his expertise and wide knowledge of the current and future potential applications of biochar. The cone kiln (photo below) comes with a BBQ plate attachment, so it was great to round off the session with a BBQ lunch. We produced just over two barrow loads of charcoal and we will explore next steps in processing and using this (I’m preparing a small quantity as a Christmas present …for the soil life).

Reseed Centre Newsletter December 2023