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Terra Preta Educational Videos

Follow our educational video series to learn how to make your own biochar, how to make enriched biochar and much more.

Using the KON TIKI TAS COMPACT Deep Cone Kiln


Using the KON TIKI TAS STANDARD Deep Cone Kiln


Using the KON TIKI TAS STRETCH Deep Cone Kiln


Part 1

KON TIKI TAS STRETCH Deep Cone Kiln – unloading with the forklift from the trailer

Part 2

Unloading the STRETCH biochar Kiln onto pallets

Part 3

Lifting the STRETCH biochar Kiln off the pallets

Carbonising Long Branches

Carbonizing long branches in a community based KON-TIKI-TAS STRETCH Deep Cone Kiln. Any feedstock smaller than firewood can be used to make Biochar – small tree branches, rose + blackberry prunings, prunings from fruit trees, even gorse, only to name a few. Ideally this will burn between 500 and 700 degrees without smoke whilst branches are being added onto the top pile in the kiln to keep the fire going. As you can see a clean orange flame without smoke indicates a temperature of about 700 degrees.

Video 1

Learn how biochar is made (14 sec)

Video 2

Find out how to make nutrient enriched biochar (2 min)

Video 3

Moving the Kiln to a new burn pile. 

This KON-TIKI-TAS STANDARD sized Deep Cone Kiln is based on a heavy duty skid frame and enables the operator to move from one burnpile to the next – Upcycling of annual vineyard prunings in Rosevears Tasmania and using the liquid manure in the 1000L container on the tray of the ute for quenching.

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