Terra Preta Developments have world-wide industry association, knowledge network collaborations Ithaka Institute, the Biochar Journal, International Biochar Initiative

Terra Preta Developments offer the following services:

  • Consultation in developing and implementing new technology options to make biochar and thermal energy with high-tech equipment. Pyrolysis technologies can vary in size from small backyard units to large industrial bio-energy cogeneration facilities.
    Pyrolysis releases embodied energy for utilisation, leaving a residue, not white mineralised ash, but carbonised black, carbon rich char with many unique physical properties.
    These properties enable many uses, from water purification to soil improvement, to carbon sequestration.
  • Further research and development of new Char products and Designer Chars to cater for Aquaculture, Horticulture, Beef, Dairy and Poultry Industries, Water, Sewage and Nutrient treatment and even composite construction materials.
    • Biochar Mixes
    • Designer Chars
    • Charcrete Wicking Beds
    • Truck Size Kilns
  • Biomass Removal
  • Land Restoration Management
  • Technology in Biomass Harvesting Equipment
  • Various Biochar Production Options – Pyrolysis – Gasification

Target Markets