KON-TIKI-TAS Stretch deep cone kiln

This model is designed for farmers, contractors or land owners with lots of biomass to produce Biochar on a larger scale. The K-T-T Stretch version includes the latest design features todate. Each batch can produce ~ 1,700ltr of Biochar within 4 to 6 hours.

The thinner the feedstock the faster the process.

Starting Price of the STRETCH Kiln includes the following Design Features:

  • Stainless-steel heat & wind Rim Shield for operator safety and protection from radiating heat to bystanders and pets. It also optimises the combustion of wood gas (minimum smoke emissions)
  • The 1.85m3 Cone is made from 5mm Heavy Duty steel plates
  • Removable burn floor barrier made of solid steel bars at pivot point
  • Safe & easy to operate Cable Winch tilting mechanism
  • Robust Skid Frame & fire protection plate & forklift points for easy loading
  • Uniquely designed flood quenching and drainage pipe at the cone floor complete with high quality 50mm ball valve and fast coupling
  • Double the size of the STANDARD Kiln has been improved with internal heat deflecting replaceable Baffle Plates for optimum stability.
  • All prices are inclusive GST ex works – manufacturer period ~ 6 weeks


  • Air Injection Rim Tube – stainless steel with 50mm fast coupling to boost flame temperature (does not include leaf blower)

Measurements “STRETCH” Model:

  • Height of STRETCH Kiln incl. skid frame: 1.280m
  • Volume to the top rim: ~1,850ltr
  • Total volume filled with char: ~1,700ltr
  • Weight empty: ~820kg