Terra Preta Partner with Frogeex

Eliminating antibiotic use in farming by using biochar

As consumer visions of agricultural-related products become continually using fewer chemical inputs, the need for more natural alternatives to prevent the illness of livestock and support healthy environmental habitats grows stronger.

The regulations surrounding medication use in animal feed changes.

Great strides are made with the use of activated charcoal within the cattle industry.

Since (activated charcoal) is a natural element, producers who farm either conventional or organically can both use it with ease of mind,” Titan Carbon Smart Technologies President Jamie Bakos says.

“The concept isn’t foreign, as natural carbon (biochar) has been used for over thousands of years as an accepted remedy to combat ailments and balance soils.

Since carbon isn’t a chemical; when used correctly, producers can offer a byproduct that withstands public scrutiny.

Essentially, the concept is simple. Animals (and humans) ingest and retain toxins that have a negative effect on the gut. Activated charcoal absorbs and excretes these toxins and, combined with a high-quality diet, can show improvement in animal health.

There is extensive research conducted on benefits when adding biochar for various animal species like hogs, poultry, cattle and even fish.

Now this becomes available to everyone to even start in your backyard.

We are pleased to share a strong partnership with Terra Preta Developments , family owned business, specialized in Biochar production, lead by forestry and biochar expert, Frank Strie.

Terra Preta Developments is reputable in reserach and development on design chars among other related products and processes for individual or industry scale application.

Find out more about their portfolio on www.frogeex.com