Terra Preta Biochar – Locally Made

Nutrient Enriched Biochar

Hammer milled, fine grade – ready to use soil booster from pots to garden beds – for preparation of seed raising mix and optimum potting soil – minimises nutrient leaching – increases soil water holding capacity – helps plants resist diseases. Available for pickup or free delivery in West Tamar and Launceston Area and also at various Garden Centres in Northern Tasmania 1ltr – 2.5ltr – 5ltr – 10ltr – 25ltr – price range starting from $8.00 to $49.50

Clean Biochar

Hammer milled , fine grade – effective compost booster – in composting toilets – water filter – lessens nasty odours – perfect for bokashi process + EM – in animal bedding and poultry sheds 

Available at Rosevears  

1ltr – 2.5ltr – 5ltr – 10ltr – 25ltr – price range starting from $5.50 to $38.50

All our FRANK’S CHAR Products come with an informative leaflet to provide guidance for the effective application of Biochar. Feel free to contact us with any questions on larger quantities or price list.