Terra Preta at Agfest 2018 – Thursday 3 May to Saturday 5May

AGFEST 2018, from Thursday 3.May to Saturday 5.May – offers the opportunity to meet Frank & Karin @ SITE 1130B on 11th Avenue, straight down from the CRAFT Pavilions.

On display and for sale will be 3 models of the revolutionary KON-TIKI-TAS Deep Cone Kilns, designed and built right here in Tasmania, as well as the locally produced FRANK’S CHAR branded Biochar products.
During your visit, you may like to find the latest info about industrial scale, best practice pyrolysis and gasification technology options developed and operating in PYROCAL – Australia, SYNCRAFT – Austria, PYREG – Germany and the BIG & Mobile ROI EnviroSavers from the United States.
To find and to select the optimum technology option will be based on the local needs and conditions and market scope.
There is the the possibility to co- generate thermal energy + electric power + Biochar, Feedchar and other DesignerChars.

Ask us for the AGFEST SPECIALS on our full range of K-T-T Deep Cone Kilns.