Amazon’s black earth. A miracle cure?

Brilliantly presented Dave Borlace, thank you. Yes, we work on Solutions that address the complex issues of our time in the circular , strategic way, from the ground up.

Having already worked on Terra Preta Developments and Pyrogenic Carbon Projects since June 2007, I take real pleasure to see holistic practices emerge and to link the Biochar, FeedChar, FiltrationChar, ConstructionChar, etc. on Regenerative Farming & Restorative Forestry & Renovative Water Catchment- Landscape Management. In New Zealand, the combined initiative by Pure Advantage and Táne’s Tree Trust is nowadays linked with ProSilva

The logical next step is to go “Beyond FSC” and create CO2 Sinks like in Austria and via right here in Tasmania.

Building trust and meaningful relationships with other Change Agents like this is getting genuinely exciting.