Australia New Zealand Biochar Conference 2017

3 pioneers at the conference – Frank Strie – Mike Sharman – Paul Taylor

The Australia New Zealand Biochar Conference was held at Murwillumbah Showgrounds, in New South Wales (in the heart of Sugarcane, Beef & Banana Country) on 10-12 August 2017. Terra Preta Developments, Producer of FRANK’S CHAR was one of the presenters of the successful international conference. We were able to learn and share about the latest developments in the biomass and biochar industry.

Day 1 and 2 included an number of 20 to 30 minute presentations including Q & A Corresponding Trade Show. Frank provided a presentation titled Biochar for Regional Management: The Cascading Approach.

Day 3 contained plenty of indoor and outdoor workshops and the Trade Show continued. Terra Preta Developments facilitated a workshop titled How the regional/ local Biochar potential and other Climate farming initiatives can become reality. The day was full of presentations and demonstrations.

The main themes of the conference

  1. Technology & Production for matching sustainable biomass sources
  2. Value added Bio-Products
  3. Applied Science (Discoveries & Results)
  4. Commercial Applications (Methods & Results)
  5. Supply Chain & Policy

The event showcased pyrolysis and gasification technology, and celebrated biochar science and commercial applications in agriculture, horticulture, remediation and building.

We would highly recommend anyone with an interest to attend the next ANZBC Biochar Conference. You can find more information about the 2017 conference at the ANZBC website.


. Murwillumbah town on the Tweed River – in the background Mt. Warning
Welcome to Murwillumbah
Welcome to Murwillumbah
ANZBC 2017 name tags
ANZBC 2017 name tags