Biochar presentation at ANZBC Biochar Conference

“What is needed in this 21st century of ours, clearly, are solutions that deal with several of our major problems at once.”
Tim Flannery 2007

Terra Preta were privileged to present at the ANZBC Biochar Conference in Murwillumbah.     If you missed the Biochar conference you can still view the slides from our presentation.

Terra Preta Biochar Conference presentation slides
Click the image to download the presentation slides, or see a summary of our presentation below:

Beyond recycling

Cascading Biochar Systems

  • growing the economy from the ground up
  • transforming unloved biomass permanently
  • effective carbon sequestration
  • simultaneous production of chars and availability of renewable thermal energy
  • healthy living, proactive fire risk reduction, insulation, clean air and water, averting hazards, pollution and waste

Growing the economy from ground up

Example site – Ökoregion Kaindorf, Austria

  • Since 2007, the Eco-Region is a voluntary association of 6 rural village communities working together with one shared vision:
    “ To become Carbon Neutral by 2020,
    in our lifetime “.
  • Fostering an eco-friendly circular economy: Sustainability and economic viability do not exclude each other.

Cascading values

simultaneous optimisation of growth & profitability

14 fruit from just 2 “Cundall’s Beauty” plants

Yes Opa, our Biochar worked well again!