Biochar Study Tour: Update 1

As part of the International Biochar Initiative’s IBI2018  excursion, we visited the Ökoregion Kaindorf in Austria with a great group of people from 15 countries.

There is a unique opportunity to create a formal partnership and information exchange with the Ecoregion Kaindorf and benefitting from their existing and expanding network with other bioregions.
So far I have very positive responses from the people I have approached about it recently.

To start with, I like to present you with a colourful Garden picture from Regina & Gerald Dunst in Kaindorf Austria – this is the finest example of living with nature I have ever visited. Needless to say, they produce the optimum soil conditions and the sound of Bees are a further indication of what this is about.

Gerald produces his Riedlingsdorfer Schwarzerde, the Riedlingsdorfer Terra Preta with Biochar in his composting and soil production facility.

Here a short video walk through the newly established ‘Garden of Giants’: The Corn plants exceeding 5m in height.

The area was still pasture a year ago

Now as an introduction to the wide ranging Kaindorf initiative, the recently recorded presentation by Gerald Dunst, the Chair of the Agriculture working group in Kaindorf, the international award winning compost consultant and designer soil producer.

The humus project of the Ecoregion Kaindorf

Why could this unique, value-packed presentation interest you as much as me?

To learn how 6 small communities work together since the release of the IPCC Climate Report in early 2007 on one shared Vision:

‘Carbon Neutral by 2020’ – what will it take?

Because: “Only when we do something can we change something”


  • By mobilising the community, individuals, businesses, institutions
  • by demonstrating that everyone can do something for a better climate future.
  • 7 Working Groups with 100 Volunteers
  • Introduced so far more than 300 initiatives covering all sorts of things to achieve the shared vision

Thanks to the excellent exchange of the near 50 people from 15 countries who attended the IBI excursion to Kaindorf in Austria, and the ongoing action & outcome orientated collaboration around the world it is now possible to create formal partnerships between likeminded communities.

Agriculture, Food, Lifestyle, Sport, Transport, Energy, Construction & Infrastructure, Hospitality, Tourism, Financing …



Ökoregion / Ecoregion Kaindorf the regional model region …
Circular economy, education, employment, production, consumption, sharing, promotion, involving all generations, carbon sequestration, climate action.

Sonnenerde soils & CharLine Feedchar, Biochar, Manure, specialised DesignerChars Riedlingsdorf &