Biochar Study Tour: Update 3 – Radio Interview on ABC

Frank was interviewed on ABC radio interview this week on the Tasmanian Country Hour, about the opportunities for Tasmania following the IBI excursion to Kaindorf Austria

You can listen to the interview at the TAS Country Hour website

NOTE: The interview starts @ 19:48 min, after the “Canola for Jet fuel”.


Feedback from the interview

From Launceston:

Good thanks Frank. I heard the interview this morning. Sometimes there is a longer piece on the Country hour following. I will listen out for it.
It is good that you can bring such an example to us in Tassie. And good this has been now an experience over seven years.

Best Regards

From Victoria: 

“Hi Frank. Good to hear from you and thanks for thinking to send your interview to me. Of course I am interested as I am very keen that we find some Eko Regions Oz to follow Kaindorf’s leaf.”

From Riverside:

Hi Frank
Just heard you on the radio. Thought you got the message across really well. Let’s hope what the Europeans do is established here.
Bye for now E.

AND from West Australia:

“One thing you could say about Frank Strie is that he is an interesting character! This Tasmanian forester’s mind races with ideas about how to develop the biochar industry in Australia. Check out his Terra Preta Developments website , especially the blog on the Austrian Study Tour.
Biochar Network of WA Inc would like to bring Frank here to share his ideas.”



Tomato Paradise

Here is another ‘soil whispers’ video by Regina Dunst in her private garden, a visit to the most colorful & fruitful ‘Tomatenparadies’:

Text translated from the Sonnenerde website:

Tomato cultivation in a confined space – here you will get an insight into our private paradise of tomatoes!

Finally growing tomatoes in abundance! There are approx. 6000 available varieties – that’s unbelievable! Most people know only a few varieties out of this huge selection! The hanging fruit of the tomatoes are looking equal to a colourful meadow of flowers – simply spectacular!!! If you want to grow tomatoes in a small space – like me – the method to leave only one main stem, has proven right! I cannot confirm the assumption by some people that less yield is expected by removing new shoots. I only have had good experiences with it so far. Important to me is the “mulching” of the tomato plants. It saves a lot of water, and other growing weeds are getting suppressed so rot + mould has little chance to spread.

We use our “Biofibre” as mulch, which is demonstrated nicely in the video. Further I’m watering my tomatoes very sparingly, as they grow in our Riedlingsdorfer Terra Preta, which can store water very well! Hope you can enjoy your tomatoes the same way!