A bit more about Frank Strie from Terra Preta Developments

Frank Strie, the name behind FRANK’S CHAR, recently presented at the 2017 Australia New Zealand Biochar Conference, held at Murwillumbah Showgrounds, in NSW on 10-12 August 2017.  Here is a little more info about Frank’s experience in the Biochar industry.


  • Frank is Director of Terra-Preta Developments.
  • He qualified as Forstwirtschaftsmeister/ Master Forester 1983 in Germany, Training Manager in the forest estate of the historic City of Esslingen, Holistic ProSilva style, close to nature forest restoration management.
  • 1987 Frank’s family moved to Tasmania, initially employed as a Training Officer for Tasmanian Forest Industries Training Council, the home a rural residential property in Rosevears.
  • 1989 Frank established his consulting and training services business, Schwabenforest P/L, responsible forest and land management, operated a mobile sawmill, removed potentially dangerous trees.
  • Initiator & co-author of the 1994 Faces of Farm Forestry Conference Paper “ProSilva” (quality management in our forests).
  • 2005 – 2015 President of Timber Workers For Forests Inc.
  • 2006 – 2009 Director of Responsible Forest Management Australia Limited, trading as FSC Australia.
  • Since 2007 Terra Preta Developments (TPD), linking whole lifecycle objectives, up-cycling of “unloved biomass”, capturing excess nutrients waste with responsible restoration management.
  • 2013 & 2015 Frank went on an action-packed study tour in Europe, mingled with leading experts, practitioners, researchers and technology companies to explore cascading values & synergistic uses of Biochar in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.
  • Ever since July 2014 Frank watched the ‘maiden voyage’ of the Kon-Tiki deep cone kiln, by Hans-Peter Schmidt and Paul Taylor at the Ithaka Institute in the Swiss Alps intensive, collaborative developments of this amazingly simple, mobile and versatile device has spread via Tasmania to about 70 countries.
  • TPD is developer of the KON-TIKI-TAS deep cone kilns, various models, representing fit for purpose Biochar & Energy / Combined Heat and Biochar technologies like PYREG from Germany.
  • TPD produce, use and sell FRANK’S CHAR branded Biochar & DesignerChar Products.