Black currant plant thriving in biochar

Check out the amazing root growth of this black currant plant growing in Biochar compost with roots holding on tied to the charcoal pieces.

Let us explain the secret how this young plant could grow this bundle of vigorous roots outside and below the actual pot

Every year Frank produces cuttings from red & black currant bushes to propagate new plants for sale and share. He places the pots into styrofoam boxes to keep the sunlight = heat off the pots. In this case, only a few weeks ago Frank covered the bottom of the foam box to about 5cm high with coarse nutrient enriched biochar to soak up the excess moisture from watering.

To his surprise when he lifted the pots from this box, the plant roots had tapped into the coarse char below the pots, this was not due to limited space in the pot but due to the ‘goodness’ (water & nutrients,…) below.

It is clearly visible how effective the fine feeder roots clinked onto and wrapped around the char particles, from very fine and coarse.

Another classic example that FRANK’S CHAR / nutrient enriched Biochar works in a number of ways. Goes beyond reading scientific papers and reports.