Terra Preta Partner with Frogeex

Eliminating antibiotic use in farming by using biochar As consumer visions of agricultural-related products become continually using fewer chemical inputs, the need for more natural alternatives to prevent the illness of livestock and support healthy environmental habitats grows stronger. The regulations surrounding medication use in animal feed changes. Great strides are made with the use […]

The Versatile World of Biochar: Beyond Carbon Sequestration

Biochar, a remarkable material produced through biomass pyrolysis, is more than just a soil amendment. While it excels at enhancing soil health, boosting crop yields, and sequestering carbon, its applications extend far beyond agriculture. This information resource at The European Biochar Industry Consortium (EBI) explores the diverse and rapidly expanding use-cases of biochar across various […]

A Grandson’s Adventure: From Biochar Making to BBQ Delights

Every once in a while, life presents us with moments that are worth cherishing and sharing with the world. One such moment captured our hearts recently as we watched our grandson, brimming with youthful enthusiasm, embark on an incredible adventure involving biochar making and savoring delicious BBQ treats. We invite you to relive the joy […]

Our Kiln’s cable winch mechanism -easy for anyone to use!

This photo displays our user-friendly cable winch tilting mechanism, specially crafted to make the task of removing biochar from the kiln a breeze – so easy that even our dear granddaughter can operate it effortlessly. The mechanism enables seamless adjustment of the kiln’s angle, ensuring convenient access to the biochar. In the attached photo, our […]

COMPACT Kiln in Queensland

A happy customer send us this photo when his brand new KON-TIKI-TAS COMPACT Deep Cone Kiln arrived in QLD – AUGUST 2023 

Biochar field day attracts visitors from around the world – ABC Radio

Biochar experts from around the world have attended a field day at George Town in northern Tasmania learning more about the process. Dairy farmers who supply Lactalis are angry at a five cents a litre reduction in their milk price contracts , one saying it will leave him $65,000 short for the year. A quarter […]

Amazon’s black earth. A miracle cure?

Brilliantly presented Dave Borlace, thank you. Yes, we work on Solutions that address the complex issues of our time in the circular , strategic way, from the ground up. Having already worked on Terra Preta Developments and Pyrogenic Carbon Projects since June 2007, I take real pleasure to see holistic practices emerge and to link […]

Hobart City Council turning waste into Biochar

Many landholders pile up their green waste for the yearly burn creating smoke and ash. On Sunday we broke this cycle for several landholders at Allen’s Rivulet, when we turned a burn pile into 700 litres of sequestered carbon in the form of biochar. I’m hopeful that other landholders will consider doing the same. We […]


9.30AM 11 MAY 2023 – GEORGE TOWN MEMORIAL HALL George Town has been identified as an ideal regional centre for the production of biochar and bio-energy. Businesses in George Town, Bell Bay and surrounding areas in land care, agricultural and industrial activities, are invited to join this important conversation and get involved in a global […]