Terra Preta at Agfest 2019!

Terra Preta stands for Black Earth (in Portuguese) as it was created for thousands of years by people in the Amazon of Brazil, and Terra-Preta Developments has been involved in developing opportunities around this wide ranging and multi-faceted topic since 2007.

Terra-Preta Development located at site N96 North Street is showcasing Integrated Biomass Concepts to build a circular biomass economy. Agfest 2019 is the perfect opportunity to launch CharLine Australia, a Partnership with CharLine Austria specialising in top quality FeedChars for pets – livestock – poultry – fish. The latest information about up-cycling of Organic Waste, carbonisation of Unloved Biomass and Woody Weeds via Energy & Biochar Co-generation. Technology options range from small backyard gardens, farms & forests with versatile mobile Kilns to fully integrated stationary co-gen facilities for individual enterprises, but also enabling possible Collaborative Industry Clusters and Optimum Energy Hubs. Following Technology Information and Equipment will be on display and Frank Strie together with his team is available to discuss tailor made ‘waste to value’ solutions:

  • KON-TIKI-TAS deep cone flame curtain kilns – made in Tasmania
  • PYREG slow pyrolysis for production of Biochar, Activated Carbon & Heat, destruction of problematic microplastics in Sewage Sludge to Fertilizer – made in Germany
  • SYNCRAFT co-generation of Heat & Power, Biochar & DesignerChars with a fuel utilisation efficiency of up to 92% – made in Austria
  • EVO Energy Technologies AUS servicing 2G co-generation systems from Germany
  • T-Winch mobile traction winch made by ecoforst in Austria
  • BURN Using Fire to Cool the Earth by Albert Bates & Kathleen Draper – book launch