Terra Preta Developments at Campbell Town Show – Friday 31st May – Saturday 1st June 2019

Morning frost decorated the kilns with ice crystals – Frank explaining how the KON-TIKI-TAS Deep Cone Kilns and other leading international technologies are turning “organic waste” into a valuable products, such as Biochar – Heat – Power.

Frank and Karin will be at the Campbell Town Show on Fri 31/5/2019 – Sat 1/6/2019. with a 10m x 10m trade site where TPD will be representing the same leading local and international technologies as at AGFEST:

  • CharLine GmbH AUstralia – The whole range of  top quality FeedChars for pets – livestock – poultry – fish
  • Frank’s Char Tasmania – top quality Nutrient Enriched + Clean Biochar – analysed to EBC Standard
  • KON TIKI TAS Deep Cone Kilns – ideally suitable for optimum Biochar production with woody vegetation scrub, grape vine or any kind of pruning material below common firewood size
  • Syncraft – The Wood Power Plant with valuable carbon as by-product
  • EVO Energy Technologies + 2G Biogas Engines turn organic waste into energy
  • PYREG Pyrolysis – Biomass and Sludge Recycling as an Eco-friendly solution
  • T-WINCH build by Ecoforst – unique + efficient technology in steep + rough terrain 
  • BURN – Using Fire to Cool the Earth – this book was first released in FEBRUARY 2019 and is a highly recommended information source for anyone interested in Climate Change and “Organic Waste to Value Solutions”.