The Burning Solution – Latest Video August 2022

Check out the latest Biochar video by Christer Soederberg in Mallorca / Spain.

Climate Change is here. Biochar is a solution. Soil Regeneration and Food Security is achieved with the added benefits of Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) when you add biochar, an almost miraculous material that besides mitigating climate breakdown allows soils to become turbo charged with minerals and nutrients. Studies have also found that by applying biochar Nitrous Oxide emissions can be reduced by up to 40% and watering reduced by half. Carbon Negative is Planet Positive! Biochar is a recognised by the IPCC as a Negative Emissions Technology.

We are a farm on the island of Mallorca that makes biochar and creates an Advanced Soil Treatment using this Natural Pathway Technology for Carbon Negative Soil Regeneration.