TPD with leading international technologies at AGFEST SITE N96 – North Street

If you are interested to learn more about leading international technologies which can turn “organic waste” into useful products = Biochar – Heat – Power then come and visit us at AGFEST SITE N96 North Street 
Terra-Preta Developments will represent: 

  • CharLine GmbH AUstralia – premium quality feed chars for pets + livestock
  • Frank’s Char Tasmania – top quality Nutrient Enriched + Clean Biochar – analysed to EBC Standard
  • Syncraft – The Wood Power Plant with valuable carbon as by-product
  • EVO Energy Technologies + 2G Biogas Engines turn organic waste into energy
  • PYREG Pyrolysis – Biomass and Sludge Recycling as an Eco-friendly solution
  • T-WINCH build by Ecoforst – unique + efficient technology in steep + rough terrain 
  • BURN – book launch in Australia – Using Fire to Cool the Earth – the first 100 books printed in AUS will be available at AGFEST