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Informative Biochar Workshop 20. July 2017

Tamar NRM organized a workshop which was held at Tresca Community Centre, Exeter on 20.July2017 - a perfect sunny winters day. Graeme Stevenson was the first presenter talking about how earthworms + dung beatles work in the soil, followed by Frank Strie who...

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Biochar can be produced from invasive plants

Latest Research confirmed the metholodogy "flood quenching with liquid manure" first ever thought of and used in Tasmania ever since Aug. 2014... To my great surprise over the weekend I just discovered this latest research findings from Nepal, see below. It is...

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Firing Waste into Black Gold

Firing Waste into Black Gold

This article appeared in the Tas Country Newspaper, Friday 28th April 2017 You can view the link to the article at or read below: FRANK and Karin Strie from Terra-Preta Developments are bringing to AGFEST the...

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Add a little char and watch the plants grow

Add a little char and watch the plants grow

Head down to the Harvest Launceston Community Farmers’ Market this Saturday to meet Frank and Karin Strie from Terra-Preta Developments, and discover their plant boosting char, the black gold for soils. Char is the art of turning organic waste into a valuable charcoal...

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Peter Cundall: Biochar good for your greens

Peter Cundall: Biochar good for your greens

Peter Cundall has been quoted by the Weekly Times (28th October 2015) “Bio-char is proving to be the greatest, most significant and beneficial revolution in organic growing techniques in half a century. Used properly and wisely it could resolve problems of world...

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