Biochar Study Tour: Update 3 – Radio Interview on ABC

Frank was interviewed on ABC radio interview this week on the Tasmanian Country Hour, about the opportunities for Tasmania following the IBI excursion to Kaindorf Austria You can listen to the interview at the TAS Country Hour website NOTE: The interview starts @ 19:48 min, after the “Canola for Jet fuel”.   Feedback from the interview From […]

Biochar Study Tour: Update 2

Adam O’Toole in Kaindorf Austria: Carbo Fertil Project: Biochar’s Potential to Help Meet Norway’s GHG Reduction Goals One more of a series of great value presentations during the IBI2018 Excursion to Kaindorf, Austria in June. This was the presentation after Dominik Dunst’s CharLine Feedchar introduction and discussion. Carbo Fertil Project – Report from Norway by […]

Biochar Study Tour: Update 1

As part of the International Biochar Initiative’s IBI2018  excursion, we visited the Ökoregion Kaindorf in Austria with a great group of people from 15 countries. There is a unique opportunity to create a formal partnership and information exchange with the Ecoregion Kaindorf and benefitting from their existing and expanding network with other bioregions.So far I have very positive responses from […]

IBI Biochar Study Tour – an Overview

TOUR INFO & UPDATES Ecoregion Kaindorf While biochar is a key focus of our tour, there are other methods available for building soil carbon. The ecoregion Kaindorf, a collaboration of 6 communities in Austria, has spent the last 11 years proving that farmers, given sufficient market incentives, can quickly rebuild soil carbon. Increased soil carbon […]

Austrian International Biochar Study Tour 2018

Frank will be participating in the IBI Biochar Study Tour in June 2018.  This is a 3 and a half day event held in Austria and will cover Pyreg Technology, creating Terra Preta, using biochar in livestock and feeding, and much, much more. This study tour is being organised by the International Biochar Initiative, and […]